Anfiteatro De Puerto Plata

A new air for tourism in the area.

Opened in April 2017, La Puntilla is the newest outdoor venue in Puerto Plata. It is an impressive Greek amphitheater of 2,062 square meters facing the Atlantic Ocean with a capacity for 4,000 spectators. Flanked by the San Felipe Fortress, and the green La Puntilla Park, it is the perfect setting for concerts, dance shows and other artistic events that are held here occasionally with the participation of Dominican and international artists.

Puerto Plata Amphitheater 01

The modern amphitheater of Puerto Plata, which bears the name of “Juan Lockward” and which is located on the boardwalk of Puerto Plata on the edge of the Atlantic, the Lighthouse and the Fortress of San Felipe, is a new contribution for tourism and music, not only for this province but for the whole country.

The attractive amphitheater consists of an area of ​​1,877.68 square meters, a stage of 315 square meters, capacity for more than 4 thousand people, and where more than RD $ 250 million were invested. The project was executed by the construction company KUKI Silverio Industrial CXA, under the coordination and supervision of the Executing Committee of Infrastructures in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR) of the Ministry of Tourism.

The producer of the platform “Puerto Plata is joy” that takes place in the modern amphitheater, Luis Medrano, affirms that “The Puerto Plata amphitheater is at this moment the most important attraction in sight to Puerto Plata. This came to give it a new life, because it brings work, currency, occupation and consumption of everything that is produced in the area.

Puerto Plata Amphitheater 02

The amphitheater must be valued by the people of Puerto Plata, who have to protect it. They are the ones who will once again take that tourist pole to its highest level of growth and stability.


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