Gonzalo Castillo Minister of Public Works

supervises the works of the Puerto Plata-Navarrete highway.

Several private companies that have contracts in the expansion of the Navarrete Puerto Plata highway continue to advance the works of the most important access route in the province.

Some areas of the road are in the asphalting phase, while in other sectors they are in the gutters.

Asfaltado en Via Navarrete Puerto Plata
Asfaltado en Via Navarrete Puerto Plata.

Minister: Gonzalo Castillo indicated that with the rehabilitation and expansion of the main access road to the province, Puerto Plata will have a first world road infrastructure that will underpin the bases of growth and development of tourism in this area.

The official stressed that tourism investments in the province will continue to grow as they have done in recent years, thanks to the development of infrastructure carried out by the government of President Medina.

Once again, Puerto Plata is consolidated as the strongest tourist destination in the north, and one of the best in the country.


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