Puerto Plata Village Presents New Project Recognizes Tour Operators

Recognizes tour operators.

Puerto Plata Village Presents New Poject
Puerto Plata Village Presents New Poject.

PUERTO PLATA, Dominican Republic. – Executives from Puerto Plata Village Caribbean Resort & Beach Club recognized the five best tour operator agencies in this province and presented their new hotel project: Green One.

“We recognize the important role that tour operators play and that is why we wanted to highlight the top five top producers in the national and international market,” he said.   The recognized companies were Operahotel, Expert Traveler, Conextour, Suplitour and Viajes ATS.

The executive also announced that, in order to stay within the options with the highest standards in the tourism market, the Puerto Plata Village hotel will close its doors to the public on April 30 to make way for the start of the new Green One complex.

“The new hotel will begin its work on May 1 of this year and it is estimated that the construction phase ends before the end of the year so that in December of this 2019 it will be open,” he emphasized.

On his side, Angelina Cocco, marketing and operations manager, explained that the aforementioned hotel establishment will undergo a series of transformations in order to offer a proposal that keeps the concept welcoming, modern and avant-garde but with a more modern and innovative vision.


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