Regional Director of Tourism in Puerto Plata

Jakaira Cid announced she had dedicated the first days of her administration to actively listening to representatives from Sosúa, Cabarete, and La Ensenada beach in Punta Rucia. All being sectors vital to tourism.

Turism in Puerto Plata
Turism in Puerto Plata.

The new regional director of Tourism in Puerto Plata further explained, “I am in this process of initiating actions. With that objective, I met last week with leaders of the Association of Casers of the Beach of Sosúa, with representatives of the hotel sector and other areas. Also, I met with the people of Cabarete and Playa La Ensenada in Punta Rucia,” she said.

Cid further explained that prostitution in Pedro Clisante Street is the primary problem that exists in Sosúa. But closely following are deregulations, minor peddlers wandering the streets, the need to strengthen security, planning, and executing positive actions to counteract negative situations.

She reported that she would hold the Workshop-Analysis SWOT, at the Casa Marina Hotel in Sosúa, and then begin to implement the actions and works. Cid published El Nacional.

A bright future awaits this famous tourist destination.


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