Puerto Plata

About it’s name:
Admiral Christopher Columbus, on his first trip, gave the name Monte de Plata to what is now called Isabel de Torres Mountain, because in the vegetation of the entire north and coastal coastline there is a tree called grayumbo. Being this a humid area, this species of plant as a reaction to humidity redoubles its green foliage, showing its beautiful deep silver color, while the sun in turn reflected in this mountain, making it shine, it showed its great silver splendor. As is well known, this mountain is its altar, generally at the top there are mists that make it even more humid; therefore, down the mountain, on the shore of the sea, the port was called Puerto de Plata. A century and a half later, his daily use gave him the current name of Puerto Plata.

Strength of Puerto Plata
Strength of Puerto Plata.

It’s development:
The city of Puerto Plata was founded in 1502 by Nicolas de Ovando, in 1974 it was chosen for its coastal characteristics as a tourist pole by presidential decree. As part of the Puerto Plata refurbishment program for tourism purposes, the infrastructure of the historic center was improved, such as the aqueduct, the pier was built, streets and curbs were repaired, the Fort of San Felipe was restored, and the funicular was built to climb the hill Isabel de Torres.

It is the third most populated city in the Dominican Republic and the most important city on the north coast of the country. Puerto Plata is also the only city in the Dominican Republic where a large percentage of its population uses English as a second language both to communicate and to use it in the workplace, 3 given the vocation of becoming a bilingual city.

Tourist Area Puerto Plata
Tourist Area Puerto Plata.

It is one of the cities with the highest tourist activity in the country, where its main source of employment is tourism and hotel services, also the city has the most important commercial port in the northern region of the Dominican Republic and has architectural conservation in Victorian style most important of the country in its cultural center, which is visited by thousands of tourists a year.

Towards the south of the city of Puerto Plata, on the top of the mountain, which reaches a height of 855 m (2555 ft) above sea level, there is a statue of Christ the Redeemer, similar to that of the Cerro de Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. The statue is 16 meters high.

Cableway Puerto Plata
Cableway Puerto Plata.

The funicular of Isabel de Torres Mountain (commonly known as (THE  CABLE CAR ) was inaugurated in 1975 and is of Italian design. The cabin has capacity for 17 people; its protected glass walls give the visitor a panoramic view of the city. The time gift shops”) and a beautiful restaurant it takes to climb or descend the mountain is 8 minutes; it is moved by an electrical hydraulic system, driven by a central operator located at the base of its station. This trip is one of the most impressive and picturesque excursions that a tourist can experience when visiting the Dominican Republic. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful landscape with all the flora component of the country. There are shops (“with Dominican style food. It is administered by a board that keeps it under the ideal conditions of conservation and enjoyment for the visitor.

This is the only funicular in the Caribbean.

Beaches of Puerto Plata
Beaches of Puerto Plata.

It is also known for its beautiful and paradisiacal beaches, its beautiful sunsets, make Puerto Plata an interesting place to know and enjoy, For nobody is a secret the wonderful natural and tourist attributes that the Dominican Republic has, among them we can say that Puerto Plata is a marvel of this tropical country.

There are countless things you can do in Puerto Plata, surely there is an activity to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding.

It is a province of easy access, either by air using the Gregorio Luperon International Airport, or by land using one of its access routes and even by sea with the amber cove cruise port.

It’s an experience you cannot miss, prepare your bags and do not let them tell you come and enjoy the most charming city in the Caribbean.

Puerto Plata and its beauty wait for you soon.


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