Tourism in Puerto Plata

In the recently completed year the numbers for the tourist destination Puerto Plata were very favorable and at the beginning of this 2019 the projections continue quite high for the sector that grants large items to the Dominican economy.

Turism in Puerto Plata
Turism in Puerto Plata.

To close with the arrival of almost 700 thousand visitors aboard cruise ships that arrived at the terminal Amber Cove de Maimon, with the touch of 153 ships, which far exceeded the figure of 38 thousand 672 visitors who arrived in 2018, fate is maintained and at the same time demonstrates its strength and growth in front of others.

And is that more and more people choose to move to the Atlantic bride to enjoy their attractions; So much so that the government continues to bet on the potential of this segment that will realize another port which projects the attraction of more than one million cruise passengers in its first year of operation.
it is expected that the destination will continue contributing to tourism in order to reach the goal of 10 million tourists.


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